Get ready to move forward


Happy new year everyone,  and as its new years eve I thought it was a good time to post this installment.  Welcome to our second motivational installment.  I hope you managed to scribble down your list of what you want and are happily thinking YES that sounds amazing!  This time I want to slighly flip your thinking and ask you to scribble down where you are now.

Step 2: Get ready to move forward

I want you to be really honest about how your feeling right NOW.  Writing down this list can sting a little bit,  but don’t worry as  its a once off exercise and hopefully you will never need to write this list down again.  I remember when I was studying life coaching and our lecturer often said ” change only happens when pain outweights pleasure “, and think its a great quote.

I have some suggestions that I have taken from clients and I hope that you find them useful.


Once your list is finished, then take a good look at where you are now.  Ask yourself this question,  does the pain outweigh the pleasure? and really mull that question around in your head and if the answer is yes!  then we are off to step 3!   Its funny that we haven’t even started to talk about food yet ( don’t worry we will soon), and we are heading for our third post.

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