Nail down what you want!

So its almost new years eve again!   Does it feel like ground hog day to you?   If you were to write down what you would like to change ,  would the list be the same as last year?  I know I have some resolutions that I just haven’t managed to get a hold of!   Is your health, weight and energy levels something that you want to change?    Stick with me for the next few weeks and I will be posting some tips on how to get the results that you want.   I love food and I do like cooking  as you can see from my blog,  but as a life coach and a nutritional coach I think there is  a better way to get the results you want.    So today,  I want to share with you my first step: this is a really valuable little exercise,  go wild and pull out all the stops!

STEP ONE:      A Clear Benefits List

The first exercise I complete with clients is a simple exercise and it only takes a few mins,  so get a pen and paper out and lets get scribbling. Once you’re all settled and the kids are out of the way or the TV is turned off,  start thinking about what it is you want to achieve for YOURSELF.  If you closed your eyes and imagined how you would look and feel in three / six / or ten months,  what would you say ? Here are some ideas that might help get the juices flowing, but please make this list as exhasutive as possible.

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Once your list is complete (on paper is important, as you need to see these benefits written down), then you have a better and clearer idea  of what you want to get from a healthier lifestyle.   This is where you can start to actually see what you are aiming for!  If you don’t have a starting point you will never know when you get some of the way there, or even acheive the whole list!   I have clients who have crossed off pretty much their whole list, and you can tell that they enjoy the feeling on putting a pen through the ones they have nailed.


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