f I asked you today, right now why you wanted to lose weight and become healthier,  I bet you could rattle me off a list a mile long of the benefits for losing weight. Yet, in reality most of us fail to actually break our bad habits and kick start our healthier lifestyle.   Why is that?

Let me ask you to actually write down the list of benefits that you will gain by becoming a healthier version of yourself.  When reviewing your list again, make sure you hold nothing back. Reach into your mind and pull out the reasons that are very personal to you.   This is the first step in making a mental shift towards becoming healthier, and once it’s written down it becomes much more real.

Here are a few examples for what clients have written on their benefits list while working with me:

  • Increased energy
  • Reduced cholesterol/Blood sugars
  • Improved self esteem
  • More self confidence
  • A feeling of doing better for my family’s health by teaching my kids to eat well.
  • Wearing clothes that you CHOOSE, and enjoy wearing them.
  • Enjoying being in photographs
  • A Feeling of an improvement in health and potentially avoiding specific health problems e.g Diabetes/Heart Disease
  • Looking well for a specific event ( i.e. wedding )
  • Looking in the mirror and feeling in harmony with the person that looks back at you.

The list could grow a lot larger, but you get the idea

Add to your diet

Start adding healthier foods to your everyday food choices.  Set yourself a goal of adding foods rather than removing foods to your meals.  Add extra vegetables to your plate every day.  Add an extra piece of fruit to your snacks?  Swap out your milk chocolate treat to dark chocolate.  Small changes will become habits and will gather momentum as your start to feel the benefits, pushing you to make more small changes.  An attitude of adding to your diet also helps you feel much less deprived.

Set small achievable goals

Ask yourself is your goal realistic.  Wanting to lose 2 stones in 4 weeks is very unrealistic and will leave you feeling like a failure when the 4 week mark comes and goes.  I would recommend that you start with a small goal that is achievable within a week.   This will give you a boost to continue.  Quick wins will add to your confidence and give you the drive to keep going.

Visualize how you will feel and look.

Visualize how you will feel when you reach a more long term goal:  After a few months hitting that 2 stones mark; wearing clothes you want; feeling great; having more confidence etc.  Make it real!  I use visualization techniques with clients that will help them commit these images to memory, and mental exercises that will keep them motivated.

Do something for you

Be selfish, and set some time aside for something that you want to do.  Get moving and do some exercise.   One of the biggest excuses that I see is “I don’t have time”.  Generally when you nail this one down, it’s nothing more than an excuse.  If you are truly honest with yourself you can make time!  It’s just that right now it’s not a high priority! Bump it up that list!  Your stress levels will drop, your energy levels will go up and your sense of self-worth will get a nice boost to boot.   Remember that if you don’t make time for you, nobody else will!

These five tips will help with your motivation, and next time we will look at nutritional tips for health and weight loss.