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Welcome back to part 3, where we are finishing off our motivation theme.  We are finishing off with the Why?  or What ?  Lots of clients talk about a moment where they said to themselves, no more.  I can’t continue this way,  and remember the quote about the pain outweighing the pleasure in part 2. Here are the links to both part 1 and 2  if you missed them.

Part 1:   http://howtoeatwell.ie/reset-your-expectations/

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Thats the moment where real motivation becomes so strong that anything is achieveable and some people never look back.  It could be a picture of themselves at a party, or it could be a comment  somebody made about how they look.  We each have our own. We are all unique and we all have different reasons for wanting to get fit, be healthy, run a 10K run,  or whatever it is, pick your poision  !  Something that drives you to want to achieve your goal!   Lets see if you can scratch under the surface and really, and I mean really get to yours.

Think of it as the REAL ( sometimes we won’t even admt these reasons to ourselves)  motivator to why you are going to make changes in your life.   Its time to grab a sheet of paper ,  and maybe it would be a good idea to get a little notebook for your scribbles.


So now we have an emotional answer, and feeling unattractive is going to be a motivator in this case.  You can see how diggin a little deeper get a much better answer.

Try it and see can you scratch the surface and see what is really your best motivator,  finding this out will give you buckets of determination that will see you through to lasting changes.

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